Final Presentation Review and Class Summary

Hello internet! I was really impressed to see our MBA students in Jim Teece’s Emarketing class yesterday. They delivered a super useful introductory guide to EMarketing for Non-Profits. Coming from someone who had just sat through 9 weeks of the content in class, I found their presentation to be a very nice warp up and summary to the class. Briefly… Read more »

Speed Test

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Today I tried and tested back with 66 mbps. Considering I’m paying for 60 I feel pretty good about that. I noticed they have a little link to compare your services with, so I tried that and came back just under 20 mbps, it also tested my upload speed, coming back just over 4 mbps. While I understand… Read more »

“We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants”

Hello Internet! Today being Memorial Day, I’d like to take a moment to think about this quote, from Bernard Chartres, a 12th century French intellectual type, but that’s not important right now.What is important is what he (probably) said. “We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants.” I get from this that, we in the current era are so high because… Read more »

Chewbacca Mask or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

So, I watched this… Not because I wanted to. But, because I was told to. Honestly, the first few minutes of this video make me worry about our public education system. And it seems to go on for ever. But there’s a gem in there, after she struggles with her native language and the packaging, after the ear piercing shrieks,… Read more »

Top 10 E Marketing Tips for Non Profits

In no particular order, I’ve listed the 10 most important aspects and attributes of EMarketing that every Nonprofit should be paying attention to. SEO – There are a lot of Non Profits out there and the ability to be easily found is the number one priority for any business, non profit or otherwise. OG Tagging – In the same vein… Read more »

Slack and the thing we used instead

Hello Internet! After briefly collaborating with a small group over a marketing assessment for via FB, we tried to make the switch over to Slack. For some reason, not everyone from our team was able use the service. Whether log in issues or what have you, he could not get into the system. Instead we used google drive, a… Read more »

OG Tags and the Quest for Video Channels

Hello Internet! Today I had a conversation my props master and good friend, Brian, about the video content we’ve made so far and how we can make money doing what we love to do, make movies. I hadn’t realized the market for content like ours was actually profitable or even sustainable, but he has me convinced that there’s money to… Read more »